Bathroom Cleaning Fulham

Bathroom Cleaning FulhamIf bathroom cleaning is not your cup of tea, feel free to call our company and book our fantastic professional bathroom cleaning service. Here in Fulham SW6 we are the only company that provides such perfect cleaning services. If you do not believe us, hire our cleaners as soon as possible and they will prove it to you.

We have hundreds of people as our regular clients, which says a lot – we are trustworthy, reliable and always give 100% of us, to achieve maximum results. We have never had a disappointed customer. Choose our bathroom cleaning service, and we promise you will not regret your choice.

Hourly Services
Regular Cleaning £13/h £12/h
One off Cleaning £14h £13/h
Deep Bathroom Cleaning £16/h £14/h

Convenient Bathroom Cleaning Fulham

Our company is a certified cleaning services contractor and we guarantee you a very convenient bathroom cleaning service.

Here is more about us:

  • Our cleaners are professionally trained, fully equipped, background-checked and hard-working
  • We have a wide range of packages
  • We work Monday to Sunday with flexible work hours
  • We are available for regular cleaning sessions and maintenance
  • We operate in the entire Fulham
  • Our prices are practical and budget friendly

In our many years of business we have tried many different approaches and cleaning methods and products. We have researched what our clients expect from a professional bathroom cleaning service, and now we dare say we are offering you the best such service you will ever find.

“I want to complain about this company and their service. I used their bathroom cleaning service not long ago and I have to say they did not make a good impression on me. Only made me angry. The cleaners did not clean my bathroom floor in some places, like under the sink, the garbage bin and behind the toilet! I expect the people I pay to clean, to actually clean! ” – Kaley

Deep Bathroom Cleaning SW6

Bathroom Cleaning Before and AfterOur cleaners clean using highly efficient and strong, yet not dangerous, cleaning products and detergents to clean your bathroom. They will, of course, dust and remove cobwebs, clean the mirror, clean and polish counter, they will get rid of water stains and soap scum from your sink, bathtub and shower. They will de-scale, de-lime and disinfect your entire bathroom, paying special attention to the toilet. And they will clean the tiles and grout.

After our cleaners are done, you will have a cleaned, sanitised and germ-free bathroom. If you want this for your bathroom, home and family, give us a call right away. Our prices are affordable, our service high-grade and our cleaners the best ones in SW6.

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