Hard Floor Cleaning Fulham

hard-floor-cleaning-fulhamHard floors are valuable investments which may be easy or not very easy to be maintained clean. Depending on their material they may need specialised products for sanitising to get rid of the soiling and grime.

We offer excellent hard floor cleaning and polishing in Fulham which is perfect for keeping marble, linoleum, ceramic, vinyl and natural stone well sanitised.

Our staff have been trained and qualified to clean professionally all kinds of hard floors using specialised equipment.

Thanks to their skills and knowledge, the floors are back to their shiny and impeccable state within hours.

High-quality Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Fulham

Whenever you need professional help with the maintenance of your hard floors call us. We offer:

  • Close inspection and identifying of the type of floor
  • Choosing the necessary detergents and cleaning solutions to clean the floor
  • Using of powerful and effective rotary and buffing machines with brushes and squeegees
  • Professional cleaning of natural stone, rubber, linoleum, tile, slate, vinyl floors
  • Applying of cleaning solution, rinsing, drying
  • Polishing the cleaned floor covering

“The experience I had with your company is hard to compare with anything else I had experienced before when it comes to using professional cleaning services. You did quite a fantastic job, thanks to which my marble floors look better than they ever did. Can’t thank you enough.” – Monica

Before starting work our technicians inspect the floor to identify its type and choose the proper cleaning equipment for it. They test the products and spread the solution over the area. Using specialised high-speed rotary machines that have brushes, our cleaners wash the hard floors.

Affordable Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing SW6

floor-cleaner-fulhamAfter the grime, stains and soiling are removed, our staff rinse the area and dry it. Hard to reach places are cleaned by hand. Use our effective hard floor cleaning and polishing services available in SW6 seven days in the week.

After washing, rinsing and drying the floors, our staff use polishing machines over the tiles, slabs and blocks. They work with suitable sealants to make the surfaces protected and more resistant. This is recommended for floors with heavy staining, darkening and dirt penetrating between the crevices and cracks.

The polishers both clean and maintain the slates, tiles and grout to keep them protected from further soiling. Our hard floor cleaning and polishing is available in the Fulham, SW6 area and nearby every day of the week at reasonable rates.

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